Travel Tips ...

Travel tips

Travel tips and advice for those travelling to Uganda in Africa to undertake voluntary work at Uganda Lodge. If you have other questions please contact us here.

Getting Started:

  • Complete an initial application form here

  • Arrange suitable travel insurance

  • Ask your GP or travel clinic about the sort of inoculations that you might need

  • Pay for your stay at Uganda lodge in full

  • Consider fundraising for one of our community projects

Booking flights

Your International flight arrives at Entebbe International Airport. Airlines flying to Entebbe are Emirates, Brussels, KLM and Kenya Airways between others

Note: If you miss your flight or your flight is delayed please contact  Denis Aheirwe in Uganda  on +256 701536197 or +256 774768090 (or, Ann on +44 7867513588)


It is essential that you have comprehensive insurance. We suggest that at the very least you take out a policy to cover medical expenses and repatriation should you become ill. is a good place to look. Make sure you have the emergency number for your insurance company; in a real emergency, we know the Nairobi Flying Doctor service can land their aeroplane within an hour’s travel by ambulance from the Lodge.

Vaccinations and Anti-malarial Medication

 Please seek advice from your GP or local travel clinic regarding recommended vaccinations and anti-malarial medication. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required to enter Uganda.

Visa information

You will need a tourist visa to enter Uganda, costs $50 or a 3-month East Africa Visa’ allowing multiple entries into Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya costs $100 or £80. Both can be obtained in advance online at Uganda E-Immigration System

Also obtainable at airport for £40 or $50  Not necessary to get online one, it’s a good idea to have the exact money (in notes) as they can rarely find change! (Please check the rate before travel.)

Money matters

Uganda’s official currency is the Ugandan Shilling, which cannot be purchased outside the country. We recommend bringing some cash in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars or Euros in clean, large denomination notes, which can be exchanged easily in Kampala, you also find cash machines in all urban areas, in our local town Ntungamo there are 2 ATMs. If planning on travelling to other East African countries, US Dollars are the best currency.  There is also an ATM and money exchange bureau in the airport terminal after you have collected your baggage. Please note that outside major urban areas there is normally no option to make payments for purchases by credit or debit card.

Paying for your stay at Uganda lodge

Payment for your airport pick-up, food and accommodation should be made prior to arrival, direct to our Ruhanga Resource Centre Barclays Bank Account if you have not already paid through OV. You should also transfer money for gorilla permits, safaris, and donations to this same account. PLEASE BE SURE TO ADD YOUR NAME & WHAT IT’S FOR AS A REFERENCE (if you are sponsoring a child or making a donation we have an alternative account – please ask.)

Barclays Bank
Account Name: Ruhanga Resource Centre
Account Number 13075346 Sort Code 20-9056
IBAN GB17 BARC 2090 5613 0753 46

When you get to Uganda

We strongly recommend that all our visitors who are flying into Entebbe pay our flat rate pick-up charge of £55 (or £78 if two travelling together) As well as our own driver meeting you outside the terminal building with Uganda Lodge held up on a card, this fee covers your journey into Kampala from Entebbe (1-1.5 hours) and then see you safely on the correct bus and pay your bus fare. He also passes on the bus drivers phone number to the Lodge staff so they can monitor your progress.

Depending on your flight arrival time, our driver will take you to spend a couple of hours or a full night at our own private Guest House in Gabba Road, Kampala at no extra cost. We prefer to have our guests on the Post Bus which always leaves Kampala at a set time around 7.30am.

If you wish you can pre-book an escort on the bus for an extra £28, or alternatively hire a private car and driver from the Guest House to Ruhanga at a cost of £160. We need a couple of days’ notice to make these arrangements. In Kampala your pick-up driver will make sure the bus driver knows exactly where to drop you off. You will be allocated a seat and your main luggage will probably be locked underneath the bus.

Some buses are modern but others can be quite old; however all can get a puncture or break down quite regularly! Snacks and drinks can be bought through the bus window during the journey.

Extra Luggage

If you are flying from Heathrow and are not using your full luggage allowance, generally most airlines give two bags, we would be grateful if you are willing to take out one of the 23kg bags full of  toys, books, shoes and so on that we have stored in the UK waiting to go. They are all things that have been donated.


Making own way

If you prefer to find your own way from the airport (not recommended) or maybe you are  coming off a bus from Nairobi please be aware that Ugandan buses do not have numbers and leave from several different places in Kampala; you need to find one going in direction of Kigali or Kabale via Ntungamo and you are advised to get the help of a local taxi driver or call Denis for advice. When you get to the large town of Mbarara – about 4/5 hours out of Kampala, then Uganda Lodge is another 50kms or about an hour further on.

You need to tell the bus driver to stop at Uganda Lodge; we are on left hand side of the road about 3-4 kms after ITOJO hospital & trading post & just BEFORE Ruhanga Adventist School. Our large white gates have a yellow AFRICA map and Ruhanga Resource Centre painted on them. Once you have cleared Kampala city you can phone Denis (+256 774768090) or someone at the Lodge (+256 752507555), to tell them the company/colour of your bus and confirm you have left Kampala. They can then look out for you about 4/5 hours later and meet you at the gate.

You should organise your return journey to Kampala and Entebbe airport with Denis or the local co-ordinator once you have arrived at the Lodge; the cost for this is not included in the pick-up price, allow about £50.


Runyankole is the local language spoken in Ruhanga and the surrounding area, although other similar languages are spoken. Below are a few often used Runyankole words and expressions. For a free PDF of more of the language click the download button below.

English Runyankole Pronounced
How are you? (good
I’m good. Good news. nimarungi or nimarunj
or ni gye
See you tomorrow Turebane nyenkyakare turay ba nay nyen
cha kare
See you later Turebane bwanyima
What is your name? eiziina ryawe oryoha? izeena ryowee
Have a safe journey Ogyendegye
Thank you Webare way-ba ree
You’re welcome Webare kusiima
Pardon, didn’t
How much does it cost? Noguza ota? no-guz-ota
I want – I would like… Ninyenda
I want to pay Ninyenda kushashura
What class are you in? Noshoma ekyakangahi
I am in Primary 1:
Ninshoma ekyakabiri.
Ninshoma ekyakashatu.
Ninshoma ekyakana.
Ninshoma ekyakataano.
Ninshoma ekyamukaaga.