14 babies came in for revision. we looked at their weight, temperature, height, etc etc. i was happy to see that the majority of the babies were healthy. but i literally filled up with tears when some of the babies came in. one of them was 6 days old, her name was Kamusime Blessing, she was only 2 kg, which is extremely little, and had bruises all over her skin, i checked her medical card and her mum had already lost 3 children. it broke my heart. i find it so frustrating, in europe you will never see the option “3 or more children in family dead” to check in in the medical cards, while here, it’s a “normal” thing… it shouldn’t be normal, it really shouldn’t. 90% of the babies were using paper and plastic bags instead of dippers. so many children out there bragging about their newest iphones while other children can’t even afford menstruation pads. the world is so unfair. it makes me sick