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Sponsoring a child at Ruhanga Development School

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Sponsor a Child in Uganda: Our child sponsorship program

There are many child sponsor programs throughout the world making a real difference in the daily lives of children who need a better start to maximise their life opportunities not just in terms of health and education, but by becoming a fulfilling member of their community.

So what makes sponsoring a child at Uganda Lodge different? Well, its not really different it just makes a real difference. When we established our primary school deep in the heart of rural Uganda within an impoverished community, it wasn’t a case of westerners adopting a worthy cause and delivering benevolence to the locals, but a response to a request by local families to set up a school for their children ~ and with local labour to build it.

Without the school most of the local children would go uneducated, but it was always agreed from the outset that the funding of the school wouldn’t just be the responsibility of white donors, but also of the the community as well. As such, although the school is heavily subsidised, local families also make a meaningful financial commitment to the education of their children.

So where does your sponsorship come in? Well, the school has grown rapidly from just 30 children a few years ago to over five hundred today. The funding from parents goes some way to meet those costs, but often those families face extreme hardship and cannot afford the fees from time to time.

When you sponsor a child at our school in Uganda you are securing that child’s place at the school. In reality if the fees can’t be paid we would never turn a child away, but someone or something has to pay the teacher’s and other running costs at the end of the day and apart from contributions from people like yourself, we have no other sources of funding. Our sponsor a child program has no running costs. We operate no expensive, or indeed any offices either here in the UK or in Uganda or elsewhere. Every penny of your £5.00 a month goes straight towards the education of the child.

Now, many people want to sponsor so they can strike up a one-to-one relationship with a child in a  developing country. That’s very understandable, but not always in the best interests of the child being sponsored or their wider community.

This is because in highly impoverished countries children are as much children of their village as they are of their direct family’s; when one child in the village family is treated to something ‘special’ such as a gift by an outside sponsor it can have unexpected and unintended consequences. For example, one child was recently bought some shoes by a volunteer to protect his feet after they had been cut and gone septic. By the following day other children were lacerating their feet with broken glass so they too could get some shoes.

As such, whilst you will be making a massive difference to the life of the child you will be sponsoring by committing to your monthly donation we do not encourage one-to-one exchanges; in any event the child you sponsor will get as much delight from having a letter read out to their class at school than receiving something personal that they know will cause resentment amongst their siblings and peer group.

Please consider being a child sponsor for one of our children. Again its only £5.00 a month, or £60.00 a year ~ just £1.25 a week. Some ask why we don’t ask for more. Its simple, £5.00 is what we need per child, not more, not less. So could you sign up and make that difference today? For three easy steps please see the sponsor guide opposite.

Low-cost Education is the key to poverty eradication in Africa.
You can easily help to provide this …

In 2008 the founders and volunteers staying at UGANDA LODGE in SW Uganda opened an early years education centre called “Ruhanga Development Nursery School” At first there were about 25 children attending each day, but it was soon realised that many parents and carers from the surrounding villages were unable to provide even the most minimal money for school fees. There are few jobs in the area; most adults are simply subsistence farmers, and additionally many families are sheltering orphans alongside their own children.

During 2010 it was suggested we start a basic sponsorship scheme which would enable us to admit even the poorest of children from the surrounding villages. We can do this for just £60 per year for each child and this makes a low cost education available to all children aged between 3 and 16 who live within walking distance of the school. Money collected from sponsorship all goes directly to the school fund to pay for to pay for the every child’s education, rather than it being given to an individual child or family.

Our aim is not to turn any children away and now we have over 500 children attending our school. Many already have a sponsor but you can see from the list below we have just taken in a lot of new ones who are still waiting for someone to find them. You can find list of children here.  

Would you help us support one or more of the children featured, by paying for their school fees? Its just £60 for a whole year or £5 each month?  This will enable us to continue to give him or her a good affordable education and include most of the teaching materials they need plus a free daily breakfast and a free uniform.

You can  Download an Application Form here and easily set up a standing order online; alternatively please email ann@ugandalodge.com with any questions

Ann McCarthy and Denis Aheirwe

All fund-raising activities for Uganda Lodge are fully supported by Reg Charity 1150023 Uganda Lodge Community Projects

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