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Change a life, create a chance this Christmas

Struggling for present ideas for Christmas? Wanting to make a difference rather than buy something pointless?
Then how about sponsoring a child’s education in rural Uganda at the Ruhanga Development School.

– Help start children’s education again in this post COVID-19 world.
– Contribute £5/month towards school fees and learning materials.
– Enable children to complete their primary education and gain national qualifications.
– The sponsor scheme is run by volunteers – all monies go direct to the child’s education.

For information visit or email

Denis Aheirwe – My Prudential Ride London-Surrey 46

My story


Ann, who organises the support we receive from the UK charity has asked me to cycle from Uganda Lodge to Mbarara and back as part of the Prudential Ride London-Surrey on 15th August.

In Ruhanga we have many young students who attend our Primary school but a lot of them cannot not afford Senior School and we know they end up with no jobs and just a small piece of land to grow a few crops.

We also fear that as the schools are closed for 6 months due to COVID-19, many of the older students will not return to standard education & will miss out on getting even a Primary 7 pass.

Some years back we started an affordable Vocational Training Centre and currently offer tailoring, knitting and hairdressing classes. These are virtually self-funding and the local villagers asked us to build a training kitchen/restaurant that would capture an income from passing motorists.

Many different skills will be taught to students alongside basic business skills and the results will be youngsters having the opportunity of paid employment or starting their own business from home. Girls particularly will have a choice of a job or starting a family at a very young age.

Thanks to many fundraisers we have already built the foundations, walls and roof of this new building, but to complete the interior and exterior plus toilet facilities to a high standard we need to raise a further £20,000.

Please sponsor my ride on this page, or even enter and ride yourself in your home town. Maybe you can gather a few friends to join you? If just 20 people can raise £1,000 each – the youngsters in Ruhanga will be so happy.

Join us for marathon May 2020 and fundraise for our school

Come and run the Uganda Marathon; You have to be in Uganda at the latest the 29 of May;

Fully inclusive in-country package cost for a one week stay is £350, and each extra week in Uganda is £140 full board. You can combine with  gorilla trek or safaris, volunteer at our school or just enjoy a few days relaxation at Uganda Lodge,

If you can’t join us in Uganda you can also like last year  please sponsor our Director Denis for his run at

Please let us know and we can arrange all the practical details; contact ann@ugandalodge:com

We still have a few places available for in-country volunteers to run in this Marathon (or just to run 20 / 10 kms)

Fully inclusive in-country package cost for a one week stay is £300, and each extra week in Uganda is £105full board. We can organise a gorilla trek or safaris and, or you can enjoy just a few days relaxation at Uganda Lodge, and meet the children at our school. Flights from UK still under £400 return.

All fundraising will go towards new facilities at our vocational training centre. If you can’t join us in Uganda please sponsor our Director Denis for his run    For more info email

Don’t forget to register on …. every time you shop online, you support us

Our charity  is registered with and at no extra cost to the people who have already joined, we have raised almost £700 commission in just a short while. If you ever purchase anything online please join by clicking on this link  and save your login page as a favourite. Then each time you buy something  through one of the supported websites, such as, Ebay, Amazon, Expedia, John Lewis, a donation will be made directly to us. 

Karen Duncan – July 2018

I loved every moment of my time at Uganda Lodge.  I thought the accommodation and food were excellent and everyone was very welcoming and helpful during our stay.  It was a privilege to be able to be part of your community for a short time, especially working with the children.  It is great to see the new building being used now too! I hope to return to Uganda Lodge at Easter and I think some of the scouts are planning a return visit next summer.


Thank you again,



Fiona Adams – June 2018

I visited Uganda Lodge in June with a friend, and had the most amazing experience. The lodge is next door to the school, and our highlight was serving porridge at 6.30am most mornings for the borders. Although most volunteer do the 10am porridge. The children are truly amazing, and full of laughter and smiles. At break time, children will get the drum and practice the songs, or play football in bare feet. The sound of laughter is one I will never forget.

Everyone involved in Uganda Lodge makes you feel welcome, and the lodge and school itself looks onto amazing mountain scenery.

The time goes so fast and wish I would have been able to stay longer. Denis and Ann started the project and have achieve so much, giving the children the chance of education. We helped with buying sewing machines, and fabric for the Vocational Centre so once leaving school they can acquire a skill.

I can not wait to go back in the future and next time I want to take my children.


Thanks Fiona

today I went to the medical center.

14 babies came in for revision. we looked at their weight, temperature, height, etc etc. i was happy to see that the majority of the babies were healthy. but i literally filled up with tears when some of the babies came in. one of them was 6 days old, her name was Kamusime Blessing, she was only 2 kg, which is extremely little, and had bruises all over her skin, i checked her medical card and her mum had already lost 3 children. it broke my heart. i find it so frustrating, in europe you will never see the option “3 or more children in family dead” to check in in the medical cards, while here, it’s a “normal” thing… it shouldn’t be normal, it really shouldn’t. 90% of the babies were using paper and plastic bags instead of dippers. so many children out there bragging about their newest iphones while other children can’t even afford menstruation pads. the world is so unfair. it makes me sick

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