Volunteer Fundraising

If you still have time before you go (or on your return home) it would be great if you can do some extra fund-raising amongst your friends and colleagues, to use on buying specific items at our school which you can choose yourself when you get there and see what is needed. If you organise a sponsored event or do any fundraising then you can use Virgin Money Giving. 

Extras Items for our school Don’t buy new in UK, but if you can get any of the following donated or really cheap in charity shops or car boot sales you could consider taking:-


  • shoes and trainers of all sizes and adult good condition clothing especially t/shirts polo/shirts    – mens jeans/trousers  – mens suits
  • White shirts and dark grey black or navy skirts and shorts.
  • Please don’t buy new as we get lots of outgrown or lost property given for free.
  • Dolls, toy cars, Lego. Duplex bricks, play food and tea-sets,
  • Balls, bats, frisbees and other sports equipment; team football kits (childrens)
  • Craft items, felt pens and HB lead pencils, scissors, pencil sharpeners, crayons
  • Blu-tac, Pritt Stick, Sellotape, Glue, Paints, Colouring books,
  • Toddlers Picture books such as Ladybird series, picture dictionaries, Children’s bibles
We ask that you do not give presents direct to individual children, adults or even to our staff as  it may not have the desired results you would expect. If you are asked for sponsorship say NO and direct them to Denis. If there is a real need, he will generally help our villagers or at least advise you. Please talk with him about any donations that you are able to give; UK taxpayers also add 25% if money is donated via our UK account. Some visitors have been targeted by unscrupulous men in nearby towns for sponsorship fees of several hundred pounds a year just for one child and its pretty obvious that such people are running a very profitable business. Ruhanga is an area where few visitors have stayed before and so far there is very little ‘begging’. We want to keep it that way! However small tips for our staff or teachers are perfectly acceptable at the end of your stay if you feel they have worked hard.


I recently registered our charity with easyfundraising.org and at no extra cost to the few people who have already joined, we have raised almost £100 commission in just a short while. If you ever purchase anything online please join by clicking on this link  and save your login page as a favourite. Then each time you buy something  through one of the supported websites, such as Ebay, Amazon, Expedia, John Lewis, a donation will be made directly to us. There is even an App to shop automatically from your. Easy Fundraising now made over £1,020  for us so fa