I visited Uganda Lodge in June with a friend, and had the most amazing experience. The lodge is next door to the school, and our highlight was serving porridge at 6.30am most mornings for the borders. Although most volunteer do the 10am porridge. The children are truly amazing, and full of laughter and smiles. At break time, children will get the drum and practice the songs, or play football in bare feet. The sound of laughter is one I will never forget.

Everyone involved in Uganda Lodge makes you feel welcome, and the lodge and school itself looks onto amazing mountain scenery.

The time goes so fast and wish I would have been able to stay longer. Denis and Ann started the project and have achieve so much, giving the children the chance of education. We helped with buying sewing machines, and fabric for the Vocational Centre so once leaving school they can acquire a skill.

I can not wait to go back in the future and next time I want to take my children.


Thanks Fiona