Building a School

Building a School – and now a Vocational Training Centre

We have been able to complete building classrooms for three nursery and seven primary levels plus a small boarding section also completed are a toilet and shower facility plus kitchen and dining room areas for Ruhanga Development School.

Over the past few years at Ruhanga Development School we have built classrooms for three nursery and seven primary levels as well as dormitories for girls and boys in our boarding section. In addition there are toilet and shower facilities plus a school kitchen and dining room area and a playground and large sports field.

Only a few of the hundreds of children living in the area will ever go to senior school so our Director, Denis, has asked if we will fundraise to build a Vocational Training Centre. Here we will teach basic business skills plus various trades suitable for self-employment, such as tailoring, catering, mechanics and home repairs as well as all the building trades. We have already opened tailoring and knitting classes plus hairdressing skills.

Our project is on the main highway from Kenya to Rwanda, and our research has shown us that this is an ideal location to open a restaurant and vehicle servicing centre. We have started to build the training restaurant which will enable us to teach students catering, money-handling and customer services and at the same time, derive an income from passing motorists.

To complete building and equipping the restaurant will cost approx. £10,000.To find out more and donate, click here.

The next stage will be to open a couple of vehicle servicing bays and while drivers check over their vehicles before continuing on to the national parks, their clients and passengers can sit in comfort and have refreshments in our restaurant. We will choose chefs and mechanics who are skilled in teaching so that they can pass on their knowledge to other youngsters in the area.

As well as receiving smaller individual donations, we are actively looking for companies or groups of people who would work together to fund these projects. Our medical centre is named after the retired director of ASE Consulting who funded the building – The McNeil Medical Centre, and we would like to repeat this success. Once the buildings are up they will last for many years, without further investment, and be run on a not-for-profit basis by our local NGO called Stand On Your Own.

There are several different ways to help us raise the money required to continue our of expanding the training centre and the school. You can make a donation by using donate our fundraising pages on BTDonate or through a direct donation into our charity bank account and even by spreading the word and placing our banner on your social and other media sites

If you ever purchase anything online please join by clicking on this link  and save your login page as a favorite. Then each time you buy something  through one of the supported websites, such as Ebay, Amazon, Expedia, John Lewis, a donation will be made directly to us. There is even an App to shop automatically from your smartphone.

Make a cash donation!

Visit our School Classroom fundraising page here and make a donation using all major credit cards or make a donation direct to our account: Uganda Lodge Account 53252094 Sort Code 20-90-56.