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On this page are links to all the volunteer information you will need when considering joining us at Uganda Lodge.

From information about the warm and welcoming accommodation you will be staying in within the rolling hills of south-west Uganda, to how we can help you travel there safely and securely together with essential travel and volunteer information and details of the local community and culture to ensure your stay is as successful as you want and deserve it to be!

For further information make sure you check out our 'how to donate' page!

Ruhanga Parish

Ruhanga Village

Find out all about the parish of Ruhanga where you will be staying and its locality in south-west Uganda!
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How to help out at Uganda Lodge

How to help!

We recruit volunteers throughout the year from all ages and backgrounds to help with our community and school project in Uganda! More >>.

  • You only pay for your accommodation and travel.
  • All placements themselves are cost free.
  • We accept English speaking volunteers from around the world.
  • Placements include our own school ...
  • ... our own village medical clinic ...
  • ... and other community based projects.
  • Both short and long term placements available.
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Help develop our toy library!

Lending Library

We've established a new toy and lending library at our new health clinic to help the development needs of young people. More...

  • A toy lending library for pre-school children ...
  • helping to develop motor, cognitive and play skills ...
  • to help them maximise life opportunities.
  • The library will also lend books and other resources to older children
  • ... and members of the wider community.
  • We need your donations to help successfully launch this project.
  • So find out how you can help today!
Join Uganda Lodge

Become a member!

Sign up as a member of the UK charity Uganda Lodge with our new membership scheme.

  • Uganda Lodge now has a membership program!
  • Help us plan for the future by joining for just £10 a year!
  • Your support will help us develop more projects
  • to assist the children and young people of Ruhanga
  • ... and members of the wider community.
  • Your membership help us plan for securely for the future.
  • So join up today and be part of something special!

To keep potential and former volunteers up-to-date with events at the Lodge we publish periodical newsletters packed with news and photos. To read the latest editions please click on the image below!

Volunteer Information

There are many ways in which you can make at difference at Uganda Lodge from volunteering in Uganda, sponsoring a child at our school, making a donation or helping develop one of our projects.

Get involved today and make a meaningful difference ~ here's how!

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