Your journey to Uganda Lodge in Ruhanga.

Your Driver

Most people visiting Uganda Lodge do so by initially flying into Entebbe Airport (EBB) then travelling to the Lodge via a bus caught at Kampala. For your convenience we operate a full pick up service for £55.00 per person (or £39 each if two booking & arriving together) This includes picking you up from the airport by private vehicle, taking you to Kampala and safely putting you on the correct bus and buying your ticket to Ruhanga. It also includes an overnight stay or a few hours rest at our own private guest house in Kampala if deemed necessary.
On request, Godfrey will stop at a 24 hour Money Exchange Bureaux in Kampala on your journey if you don't exchange your money into UGX at the airport.

This fee can also include an overnight stay at our own private guest house just outside of Kampala depending on the time of your arrival and this fee compares very favourably with similar costs for taxi travel and accommodation in the UK and elsewhere.

After about a five hour journey, the bus it will drop you literally outside the gates of Uganda Lodge which is about 3km further than the easy to spot Itojo Hospital ~ although the bus driver is likely to know where Uganda Lodge is in any event. For an additional £28 we can provide an escort for your journey to Ruhanga if you pre-book and give us sufficient notice.

For those visiting Uganda for the first time, this is the best hassle free option although, if your budget runs to it, you could book a car and driver to take you from our guest house right down to Ruhanga and this will be about £160 in total. (Car hire is expensive all over Africa, and you have to pay for the return journey including the fuel as well).

Its a relatively long journey but passes quickly as you get your first sights of rural Uganda and its many towns and villages. If you get thirsty en route traders will enter the bus selling bottles of drink and snacks such as biscuits, but please do not accept any food from other passengers Best at this stage to avoid local delicacies! There is normally a comfort break (known locally as a short call) after a couple of hours.

A few days before the end of your time at the lodge tell Amon or one of the co-ordinators there about your pending departure and arrangements can be made for your return journey which will cost about the same and is payable in local currency at the lodge.


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Where we are!

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Uganda Lodge is located about 5-6 hours bus ride from Kampala and about a further hour's ride from Mbarara as seen on the map above. If that seems like a long journey it is, but it actually flies over as, for many, it will be the first time in Uganda, and the journey takes you through a myriad of towns, villages and rural communities offering a wonderful introduction to the country. Then, before you know it, you're at Uganda Lodge itself!

There are many ways in which you can make at difference at Uganda Lodge. from volunteering in Uganda, sponsoring a child at our school, making a donation or helping develop one of our projects.

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